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A Fun and Fancy Alternative

Get creative with your designs and then show them off to your friends. With help from our Belvidere, New Jersey, team, you can bring your graphic creations to life in a whole new form. Our custom made stamps are personal, unique, and well made. They can be used in a variety of ways, from addressing envelopes to adding a special touch to personal letters. No matter what you need a stamp for, we will happily design a one-of-a-kind design just for you. 

Custom Made Stamps

Dragonfly Laser makes your custom made stamps with two guidelines in mind. We showcase your creative designs and we make our prices affordable. Additionally, our team makes sure that your stamps are deeply etched and well-made. They are all made to order, and are generally ready for you within one to two days.

Send Us Your Image

Custom made stamps are available to businesses and individuals. Stamps can be made from any type of image, picture or drawing. We request that you submit your drawing or idea to us on the type of stamp you want, and we will promptly get it back to you. Also, although our prices are affordable, they vary depending on the size, material and design of the stamp. Please speak with one of our team members to get an estimate on your particular service.

Self-Inking Stamps

These types of stamps are ideal for businesses. When it comes to your invoices and paperwork, they come in handy. You can also press them on your business materials. The turnaround time for these stamps is usually one to two days.

Green Stamp

Large Stamp

Size & Price

We can make a stamp from 0.4 inches up to 5 inches. Pricing is dependent on the type of stamps you purchase. Again, please contact us for more details.

Rubber Stamps

Your inspiration goes a long way in our design process. The rubber stamp that we design for you also becomes a part of our line of unique rubber stamps. We add new designs to this line monthly.


Give a personally inspired gift to a friend or special someone. With this option you can have us laser engrave a unique theme onto a cutting board. One of our popular themes is star wars. We also offer political satirical gifts. These are all unique and exclusive to our business.


Prices for our gift items range from $15 to $50. Please request additional details about pricing.


We have some items that are hard to place in one particular category. These are our miscellaneous items. They include:

Ink | Plastic Shrink Sheets | German & Dutch Die Cuts | Decoupage Napkins | Relief Stickers


Prices for our miscellaneous items range from $1.00 to $10.00. We are also able to get other types of hard to find items. Reach out to our team for additional help.

Decorative Stamp